Aksoy Construction has adopted ensuring customer satisfaction as a principle by its administration and notion of work with the experience that it has gained in the construction sector since the date of foundation of the company, 1994.

Our Company accepts the values like customer orientation, alteration and efficiency as a “company philosophy” in all its corporate action all the time.

President's Message

Aksoy Construction has brought customer-oriented production and marketing mentality in the foreground since 2005. Our company has started its turn-key construction practice with the mentality of "in-time and quality production" and it agrees a strategy in line with this purpose.

For the Aksoy Construction which presents the modern and esthetical areas that will increase the quality of life with, bases on carrying its projects in conformity with the signed agreements, legal proceedings and the customer requirements and delivering it within the specified period.

Aksoy Construction Chairman of the Board of Directors



Aksoy Construction works to become a leading company in the construction sector. By renewing and developing itself, makes Aksoy Construction big difference with every project and its goals


To make high quality production in every project, Aksoy Construction add value to the contemporary living spaces and the region where it is located.

To produce projects suitable for customer needs and customer satisfaction before and after sale.

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